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cosmic_celery wrote in notwherebutwhen
Why does such a great CLASSIC show not have an ElJay? Tragic. Well, this is here to solve that problem and collect all the juicy Spacetime bits all in one place. Ignore how that sounded, enjoy the comm.

From the bastion of knowledge, TV TROPES:

Inspector Spacetime is a British sci-fi series that has been on the air since 1962 and has gained a worldwide following. It's long since established its niche as a cult classic.

The Inspector is an alien from a faraway planet who has come to Earth to rescue us from dangers both within and outside our own galaxy. He travels the universe in his cozy DARSIT, which takes the form of a red telephone booth. He often brings along associates, most notably the Constable. He has amassed a rogues gallery of villains over the years that includes the Blogons, the Digifleet, and the Sergeant. Sonic Crowbar in hand, he will investigate the horrors of the Universe.

The Inspector is the last of the Space Masters, the race of people who lived on his home planet of Kayaclasch. They once policed the Universe with their advanced space-time technological inventions, such as the DARSIT, but grew arrogant and corrupt in their twilight. They were destroyed by their war with the Blogons, and the Inspector is the lone survivor... or is he?

Like the rest of the Space Masters, the Inspector was born without a heart which gives him a tendency to be cruel at times. He travels the Universe looking for a 'replacement', but has so far been unsuccessful. Because of this quest, he often takes on associates who are similarly searching for something/looking to improve themselves. Except Jeffrey. Everyone hates Jeffrey.

Now, to ease his solitude and pass on his knowledge, the Inspector takes associates along for adventures as he travels the Universe, inspecting the root of all its problems. He is a man who must often make tough decisions to meet his ends. The Associates bring something new to the cast with each new addition with old favorites like the math and english teachers Irma and Bart, the old Gaelic Aiden, the late Jeffrey, the female barbarian Layla, fellow Space Master Lunda, and the long-runner Mary Sue. More recent companions include Lily Taylor, Captain James Haggard, the Magnificent Bastard Yorke, Constable Wigglesworth, Angelica "Angie" Lake, and Rory Williams.

There's some discussion going on over on DreamWidth and in a discussion board, but I'd definitely encourage those brave enough to post their thoughts here as well. OR MAYBE FANFIC? FANART? COME ON, PEOPLE.


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